A Message From The Creator!

"My life’s work is finally becoming available for everyone.
A 10-year-old Graphic Novel will come to life on the Etherium blockchain."

3022 is a Generative Side Profile Characters project with 3,600 unique NFT Identities, digitally created with more than 100 traits across 3 races. 1200 Humans, 1200 Cyborgs and 1200 Aliens all with unique traits for each race.

You may choose a side but choose wisely!



Year 3022

Life took a weird path as wars between Humans, Cyborgs and Aliens destroyed almost all cities
and killed most of the population.

On the brink of total annihilation, the Generals from the three races, had to agree on a ceasefire.
Galaxia, the only remaining city standing is now home for the 3600 remaining survivors.

During daytime life on Galaxia seems to be calm, but when the sun goes down and the moon comes up the 3 races fight for control and the remaining resources.

They fight for Survival. Which side will you be on?

3600 Characters
Digitally Created

More Than 100 Traits
Across The Three Races

Usage Rights Included
For Each One





The Liberty token will be the native token of the 3022 Game and Metaverse.

Users will be able to accumulate this token by just holding their 3022 NFT characters or buy it from an exchange once public sale ends. The initial distribution of the Liberty token will go to all NFT holders. We hope to show by this our appreciation to all early supporters and reward them. At a later stage staking as a passive income of Liberty tokens will be introduced. For Every day users hold their 3022 NFT character in their wallet they will receive 1 Liberty coin per character. The amount you get It will change based on how long you have your NFTs in your wallet.

Liberty distribution per NFT:

First 7 days: 1 token per day

Next 14 days: 1.25 Tokens per day

Next 21 days: 1.5 Tokens per day

Next 42 days: 1.75 tokens per day

Next 84 days: 2 tokens per day

Meaning if you hold your NFT character in your wallet for 168 days, you will receive 288.75 tokens in return.

The max amount anyone will be able to get is 2 tokens per day for each character.

The Liberty token will have a great use in in-game, as it will be used to upgrade, update or buy new equipment or take part in tournaments. It will also be a big deal for the upcoming metaverse.




Full time artist and creator. I draw for a living, and I draw for a hobby. It’s not really work if it’s something you love right? Combining this with my love for NFT's is incredibly exciting.


Entrepreneur and a crypto enthusiast
Web & blockchain developer that loves to code <3.


Long time crypto buff, front end web developer and pixel pushing web designer who loves all things crypto and dev related.